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History of Atari Clones, Consoles, and Adapters - Even a VIC-20 Adapter!

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When I was an Atari kid in the early 80s - I was shocked when my neighbor showed me his ColecoVision Expansion Module. It was a challenge to the concept of console-exclusive games. And as we all know, several other clones and adapters would follow, even Atari's own and the 7800 backwards compatibility, not to mention Atari's own redesigns like the Video Arcade II and Jr. I put together a video trying to tell that story more comprehensively, including a debunking of the myth that Coleco won their lawsuit against Atari, due to the VCS being "made from off the shelf parts" - a myth that's still a common misconception today. 



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Great list, great explanations!

Did you also find any informations about the single-chip clones?



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On 7/3/2021 at 8:13 PM, WolfAmongWolves said:

Thanks for making the video, there was a lot of new info there for me!

You're welcome, thank you for the comment; I knew a lot of people have covered the topic before, so I tried hard to give more historical context, and was really thrilled to find some new, or at least very obscure discoveries. Really nice to hear how much you liked it.

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