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2600 emulation on portable devices

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Hi all,

has anybody tried playing 2600 games on one of those so-called “retro-consoles” such as the Anbernic or similar models? Thoughts?
I’m wondering what system is actually providing the best portable gaming experience for the 2600... beside the Flashback Portable of course (screen too little and so-so mechanics imho...).

Personally I play the 2600 on a modded PSP 1000 and it’s ok. I’ve also tried Retroarch on a 3DS XL but I found it somehow less enjoyable. But my PSP might not last forever (13 years of intense use so far...) so that I started to keep myself informed.
Big screens are probably a key preference factor for me (I’m not in my twenties anymore... and not even in my thirties... -_- ) and that’s what it’s making me a little bit skeptical about the Anbernics at the moment (“only” 3,5’’ screens...).

Just curious about other VCS fans’ experiences.

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I have a Q90 with Miyoo firmware. If all the ROMs are in one folder it takes forever to read the directory. Emulation is OK, some games were not playable but I never knew if it was the emulation or the ROM itself. Big benefit is you can save states or go in to emulator menu to remap keys etc. Q90 screen is still small though. I prefer something closer to a digital joystick first (eg thumbstick) rather than a big screen, that's my preference.

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