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Demons of Asteborg - New Game with a physical release for the Genesis/MegaDrive

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On 8/1/2021 at 12:29 PM, c0op3r said:

Now if Full Set and Bitmap Bureau would get the 2 titles they are to ship for the Neo Geo going I would be super happy.

I keep forgetting that Project Neon exists and that I backed it on Kickstarter for the AES before the Kickstarter died. Then I preordered the AES version over on their website and that's pretty much the last time I heard from them. That was probably the second thing I ever bought for the Neo Geo and it's still not here yet. They said a while ago that they are considering making a Saturn version, as well, and that would be really cool. If they do, hopefully it won't take nearly as long as the Neo Geo version since they have all of the assets from the Neo Geo version that they could use. Still, it will be nice to finally get that. Looks like all of the Neo Geo versions are sold out on their website, so I hope they ship them soon. Game development takes time, but I'm pretty sure it's missed at least one target release date so far. No rush, I suppose, especially since I keep forgetting about it myself.

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So I got the limited edition this morning (for press and backers I guess). I'm too lazy to take pictures but here's the content:

  • it's a pretty black box with a magnetic latch, with "NEOFID Studios" on it
  • inside there's a Genesis box (with a Japanese style cover), framed on two sides only by foam
  • inside the Genesis box, there's a cartridge of course, the manual, a warning sheet, and a stickers sheet
  • inserted into the foam frame is a nice metallic sword that is in fact a USB key. It contains the press kit, the OST, and a Steam key (so I won't play it on Switch 😅)
  • below there's a cloth map, which is nice but won't help for the game I guess, several postcards and stickers in a plastic sleeve
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