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What retro shows or conventions do you attend?

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I live in southern Ontario (Canada) and each show is only 7 to 8 hrs away by car.


My usual spring schedule is to attend CoCofest in Chicago  where i display a Tandy Color Computer 3 and VCF East in New Jersey where I display a Colecovision with Adam addon (since it is a computer show)


My fall schedule is Tandy Assembly in Springfield Ohio where i display my Tandyvision 1 ( intellivision clone) with ECS computer add on (again its a computer show so i need to look the part) and then VCF Mid West in Chicago where i show an Intellivision with ECS computer add on 


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RIP ReplayFX


Used to go to TooManyGames but the only draw for me was the marketplace. Since I sold off all my shit, no sense in going now.

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