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VAST: July 2021 Meeting Notes

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    Yet another successful meetup for the Valley of the Sun TI Users Group. It appears we once again enjoyed 100% attendance by all members. Congratulations y’all! 

Topics covered:



Sparkdrummer brought his GRAM Kracker thingy to demo yet forgot a console to plug into. Apparently it’s not Classic99 compatible. @sparkdrummer


This POS PEB cable extender never worked. Cheap plastic connectors discussed. Buyers beware. Too bad Greg doesn’t offer a solution @arcadeshopper



Played Hunch Back and discovered vertical non-flexing rope = the devil.



Sometimes a game just grabs ya! Restless II is so pretty it hurts. Explosion bliss  99er! @sometimes99er


Sparkster couldn’t grasp why he couldn’t play the Demo from some dude named Tursi? Great music had the donut shop rocking so it didn’t matter. @Tursi  SEGA!!!



And finally, near the tail-end of the meeting we booted up the Edutainment title of the month:


 So cheeky. @Retrospect How this game came out of the UK and not Germany I’ll never know.

  Overall — great meetup. Come join us next month. Coffee’s on us! 

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20 minutes ago, OLD CS1 said:

What -- no Deluxe Butt-Plug demonstration? 

Damn you @OLD CS1!!! You responded as I was editing the post. We must have plugged 1,000 butts over donuts and coffee. Surprisingly addictive. Move over flappy bird. First synthesized turd noise I believe. 

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