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My NEW RetroGameBoyz Atari 5200 Stick - Pics Gallery

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.....and yes, they also make them for lefties as well, they are made-to-order, I got this through Etsy but you can also go to RetroGameBoyz.com as well, they have all sorts of great controllers for all Atari systems, and you can see my review on it on my "Ray Jackson Reviews" miniseries this weekend on both my Ray Jackson YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/RayJacksonbighmw), and, right here on AtariAge.






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1 hour ago, phuzaxeman said:

Nice, how does it play? 

It plays very nicely, however for 4-directional games like Pac-Man and sorts you have to be exact on the nose (meaning you can't glide through the corners as much) as these are spaced-out micro-switches as opposed to the pop-o-matic contacts that we are so used to with the stock CX40 and CX24 sticks I use with Redemption, but yes after you get them calibrated (by using the two knobs to center the controls to neutral them) they are real damn good, I have yet to try therm with any paddle games (like Super Breakout or Kaboom!) but they should be great, in a way, it's like getting true paddle controls and joysticks both in the same build, and the keypad functions damn well at that too. Fire buttons are also solid as well, they feel like they can last a ling time, and I am a typical gamer who will USE the fire buttons almost to an extreme in most heated battles so I hope that they hold up over time. Well built too, Solid.


More details on the next episode of "Ray Jackson Reviews" on my Ray Jackson YouTube channel later this week, the YT address was listed in a previous post on this thread.


BTW, for @Ryan Witmer, I DID try her out with IntelliDiscs with the keypad mode and enjoy it even better now with that because i don't have to fumble around with almost hitting the wrong button anymore due to the sturdy unit's tabletop design. It feels great when you can actually fire in one direction while moving in another!!! :) 

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14 minutes ago, AtariBrian said:


Ok, thanks.


Can actually be an advantage for many games…


But preferably, it would come with analog/digital switch.

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So this would make Star Wars Arcade just as shitty to play.


Back to Coleco I go.

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