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Rarest Philips CDi games and grails for sale/offer/trade. Only Serious CDi collectors need apply.

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UPDATE: Only titles in the remaining pictures are still available. The rest have been sold, traded, or moved to eBay. 


The following are most of my really rare spare CDi titles. I am willing to sell them, but would vastly prefer to trade them. These are only for serious CDi collectors. If the prices seem high, well, yes, they are. Not everything below has a price, as a lot of them are so rare as to have no price history. If you have any CDi's to trade, please let me know. These are available for international shipping from the US, as most of the CDi collecting community is outside North America. If interested, please message me for more details and pictures. Feel free to make offers on anything, and know that I'm not in any rush to sell these. If they're still up, they're still available!


1) Peter Gabriel X-Plora 1 big box Euro version sealed. This is one of the later CDi releases. $65 plus shipping.


2) Andrew Lloyd Webber: The Premier Collection US version complete with slipcover. One of the rarer US CDi Music releases. $50 plus shipping.


3) Compton's Encyclopedia fully Revised and Updated US version complete with slipcover. $50 plus shipping. There's actually three different US Compton's releases, plus the original longbox version. This is the rarest of them.


4) NFL Instant Replay sealed. To note, the shrinkwrap is loose in one corner (see image below) but it's all still there and intact. Apart from being one of the last US releases and an exclusive, it's also a fairly good game. An incomplete copy without the slipcover sold for over $400 on Ebay earlier this year, and was the only open auction sale I can recall seeing. I'd really prefer to trade it, but it's offered for $500 plus shipping.


5) Wimbledon Challenge complete. $100 plus shipping. This is one of the rare professionally sold CDi games. It's a tennis-themed quiz game.


6) Uncover: Featuring Tatjana. TRADED. An adult-oriented title and a full fledged puzzle game.


7) The Concise Oxford Dictionary: TRADED. Believe it or not, there is indeed a surprisingly fun word game included in this title. It might be the most obscure full game title. Sure, it's also a full electronic dictionary, but don't overlook the game. This title is also a stealth rarity.


#8) Lot of 6x complete Japanese CDi titles: Yuki Saito Anniversary (Japan exclusive!), Palm Springs Open with cracked case, Vincent Van Gogh Harvest of the Sun, Paint School I, The Renaissance of Florence, and Mozart. I have no idea what to ask for these 6, and might sell a few separately. As a lot, the price is $225 plus shipping.


9) Do You Remember the 1960's? complete. $250 plus shipping. This is one of the most obscure CDi games, and I'd unhesitatingly rank it among the 10 rarest of them all globally. It's a UK exclusive quiz game that was primarily sold through mail order via the XDRA/McNo catalogs and also a few specialty shops. To my knowledge, only 4 other collectors have copies.


10) Anne Willan Presents the Food of France complete eurocase version. This rarest US longbox release, but these European sideways case versions are somewhat more common. SOLD.


11) All the Fun of the Fair eurocase version complete. This is a rare early release. Not sure what to ask for it.


12) The Weather Kitchen complete. $500 plus shipping. This was a late third party US exclusive sold through the Philips catalogs and at a few retail stores. This is the original copy that generated the disc image used in the following excellent video:




13) Wings Over the Gulf incomplete (missing slipcover), disc is the white labeled Demo version. This is an interesting VCD which unusually got full CDi branding and packaging. Late release US exclusive. $45 plus shipping.


14) Breast Self-Examination complete. $200 plus shipping. This was a professional, non-retail US release.


15) Lot of 2x demo discs: The ACT College Search 1992 and Anne Willan Presents the Food of France. For those that do collect the CDi demos, these are about as easy to find as the full retail versions. $45 plus shipping.


16) 10-disc set on Spanish Art History, all complete. The case for disc I has a crack, as the pictures show. This set, and a companion 10-disc set on Spanish History, might well have the distinction of being the videogame console release with the most amount of discs. They even surpass that one 8-disc Sega Saturn Japanese game. $175 PLUS SHIPPING.


17) Lot of 4x SEALED US longbox grails: Anne Willan Presents the Food of France, The ACT College Search 1992, The Flowers of Robert Mapplethorpe, and CD-I Music Book Volume 1. Accepting offers only. There isn't sufficient price history for these, but a few months ago a sealed copy of Anne Willan sold (along with an uncommon Sampler) for over $400 in a poorly-timed Ebay auction.


























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Hello Blazing Lazers,


I have a good collection of cd-i titles and I'm member of theworldofcdi.com. I'm very interrested about Uncover Featuring Tatjana. This Title is still availible ?


If yes Can you please publish a picture of the box opened and of the back ?



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3 hours ago, thanatos said:

Are there any clips/screenshots from the breast examination disk?  😉

No, this CD don't show nudity. 😀😀

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Hello Blazing Lazers,


how many cost the shipping until France for uncover featuring Tatjana ?



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Dang.  I was hoping the Tatjana disc was the breast-examination one but, being an adult title, it probably is anyways.  Failing that, I wondered if one after that was the breast-examination title.


Moving on: have you put the Peter Gabriel disc on any music forums?  I'm guessing there are far more fans of his out there than CDi owners, and I can imagine the appeal of this disc to them.  If it was me, I would go fishing on Discogs or the Steve Hoffman forums.

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I don't see on the box and on CD seen on Internet the adult logo (18+ / or anything else) for uncover Tatjana.😌

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