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TI-99/4A and Geneve 9640 GitHub Repositories

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Creating a topic here for the specific purpose of containing the known TI-99/4A and Geneve 9640 Github repositories that exist out there.  I'll start with mine first that contain source code for many Myarc and Geneve 9640 applications [Advanced Basic, MyWord, Load-Sys, Boot-Eprom, MDM5, HyperCopy, PSYSTEM, MDOS (not yet, but soon), and various Geneve manuals].


BeeryMiller · GitHub


GitHub - BeeryMiller/ABasic: ABasic for MDOS Source code for current version of ABasic

GitHub - BeeryMiller/Abasic-V3 Source code for ABasic at time of original MDOS Buyout

GitHub - BeeryMiller/Boot-Eprom Geneve Boot Eprom source code (private on 7/22/2021, subject to being made public soon).

GitHub - BeeryMiller/HyperCopy HyperCopy Source Code by Mike Dodd

GitHub - BeeryMiller/MyWord Myword Source code - No info on compiling to useable program at present

GitHub - BeeryMiller/PSYSTEM PSystem Source code for MDOS

GitHub - BeeryMiller/Manuals Current Geneve and MDOS manuals

GitHub - BeeryMiller/MDM5: Myarc Disk Manager V5 Source code for the Myarc Disk Manager 5 for the HFDC

GitHub - BeeryMiller/LOAD-SYS source code (private on 7/22/2021, subject to being made public soon)

BeeryMiller/MyTIPI (github.com) MyTerm source code using the TIPI (private on 7/22/2021)

BeeryMiller/MDOS (github.com) MDOS source code (private on 7/22/2021, subject to being made public after next MDOS relese) 

BeeryMiller/GPL (github.com) GPL source code (private on 7/22/2021, subject to being made public after next MDOS/GPL release) 

BeeryMiller/FORTH (github.com) Forth for MDOS source code

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github.com - jedimatt42


  • Force Command - command shell and system library in a cartridge, and so much more (TI software) - Wiki
  • TI-99-usb-keys - usb -> TI keyboard adapter (hardware)
  • TIPI - storage, extensibility, cross-development aid, networking, mouse for a TI-99/4A (hardware) - Wiki
  • tipi-xb-mouse - CALL LINK libraries enabling XB to access TIPI mouse (TI software)
  • ti994a-pebboard-template - KiCad starter for PEB expansion cards (hardware)
  • 9900dis - my take on a disassembler - oriented around re-iterative annotations to cope with DATA parameters following BLWPs (cross-dev)
  • ti994a-32kmemtest - (I should rename this) 32k/256k-16Meg SAMS/128k-512k Foundation or Myarc memory test cartridge (TI software)
  • lib9640 - lib and example of using tms9900-gcc to make XOP calls and MDOS executables (cross-dev)
  • 99prints - openscad designs for miscelanious printable bits
  • ti99-ftp - EA5 TIPI FTP client
  • tigcc-cartbanking - a cartridge bank switching scheme for semi-natural calling in gcc / outdated compared to Force Command
  • ti-99-tod-games - Forest of Ruins - Tunnels of Doom module
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Other notable repositories I am aware of:

There are numerous others.


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