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Tube Monitor Repair

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While my TI monitor still works, I'd like to get it refurbed, before all the people that know how to do that thing die out.

Does anyone have any experience with vendors that do that thing?

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I have a TI monitor that has the power switch missing. It wold be great if I could find someone who can fix it since these monitors are getting scarce.


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Posted (edited)

You should both give a general location as that may help in locating someone close-by. I'd think shipping a TI monitor would be expensive and also a bit risky due to automated conveyor belt package handling not to mention truck gorillas.


A power switch is a simple repair electrically if a suitable replacement can be found, but installing it would depend on how much disassembly is required to access it.


A recap would of course be a bigger project. Not sure what else a "refurb" might entail, if say, the CRT is weak and/or other parts have drifted too far in value.


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