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ATR Disk Directory Listing to a File

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I'm looking for a program for Windows that will create an automatic disk directory listing in a text file of all of the ATR disk images in a file directory on my hard drive.  Does such a program exist?



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Windows folks will tell you the best way but I can tell you at the very least you would be able to do it via cygwin(linux env) and atarisio program "adir" and shell commands. Example: "find . -iname \*.atr | xargs adir > filelist.txt"

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I wrote a directory lister in python that outputs an html file like this. It's much too buggy to share right now, but one day...



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I blogged a few years ago about getting DOS2 directories from atr images to illustrate how to build your own tools using perl for working with disk images:


Extracting data from DOS 2.0/2.5 disks - Atari_Ace's Blog - AtariAge Forums


To accomplish what you ask, you can use that little prototype tool and do:


for %i in (*.atr) do perl atr.pl -dir %i


It's not a turnkey solution of course, but you can adapt it to do what you want if you have a little programming knowledge.


If you're more specific about what you want for the output, I can modify it to your requirements.


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Do I understand that you want to list all the ATR files in a windows folder to a text file? I can't say I know of anything automatic, but you could always open a command prompt, navigate to the directory, and issue the DIR command with a pipe to a text file, like this



Dir /B *.atr > atrfiles.txt


you can also have it recursively list every ATR in the directory and all subdirectories


dir /B /S *.ATR > atrfiles.txt


But note that this will also give you the full path to each file, not just the name.

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   If you want to list the contents of each ATR file, you can use the DOS command line tool adir from https://www.horus.com/~hias/atari/ 


   I'm guessing you would need to use a batch file ".BAT" or ".CMD" type file to automate processing only .ATR files, but you're probably best off Googling how to do this, unless someone else on AA can come up with an example to share?


   Hope this helps!

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Just had a play with ADIR.exe , as @E474 says, you can automate with a batch file.

I can't remember from a command prompt how to do the dir and pipe it into a batch command

(easy on linux) but someone here may know.


What I did was DIR /B *.atr > adir.bat

then edit the adir.:bat to add the adir command and the redirection of the output to a file


adir -t DOSxl2_3.atr >test.out
adir -t games.atr >> test.out
adir -t mydos.atr >> test.out
adir -t mydos1.atr >> test.out
adir -t mydos2.atr >> test.out
adir -t mytest.atr >> test.out
adir -t test.atr >> test.out


Run the batch file .\adir.bat


Here's the result:-

directory of image 'DOSxl2_3.atr'

  DOS     SYS 0046  
661 free sectors

directory of image 'games.atr'

1012 free sectors

directory of image 'mydos.atr'

  DISASM  ASM 0668  
  DOS     SYS 0037  
 <DUP     SYS>0054  
251 free sectors

directory of image 'mydos1.atr'

  DOS     SYS 0037  
  DUP     SYS 0054  
919 free sectors

directory of image 'mydos2.atr'

  DOS     SYS 0018  
  DUP     SYS 0027  
  BUG65   COM 0037  
  CENT        0002  
  CENT_EQUM65 0002  
  CENT800 M65 0013  
  CENT800 OBJ 0003  
  CENT800 SRC 0023  
  CENT800AM65 0011  
  DRAW    BAS 0014  
  MAC65   COM 0054  
  SYSEQU  H   0009  
  SYSEQU  M65 0006  
  TEMP        0003  
  TEMP1       0020  
462 free sectors

directory of image 'mytest.atr'

708 free sectors
reading image 'test.atr' failed

I assume the test.atr is a faulty image


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A lot of atari disks don't have a dos file structure, most of the commercial games were like that for instance, some will display some kind of message in the directory listing, most will just give you an error. 


I don't think adir supports spartados format disks and I'm not sure if it can display mydos format directories with subdirs either.


These are all the kinds of things that don't work in my lister either which is why I haven't shared it yet.


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36 minutes ago, Mr Robot said:

I don't think adir supports spartados format disks

Just checked and no it doesn't work with SDX disks.


Also adir won't work with menu disks either, I wrote one to directory Alphaload menu disks, long, long, ago :)


from the README



'adir' lists the DOS 2.x directory of an image. By default the output
is similar to what you get when doing a directory listing from within
DOS 2.x. Filenames plus their sector size is output in 4 columns.

Usage: adir [option] file.atr...

Option may be one of:

-<num> set number of columns. eg: 'adir -1 dos.atr'

-t  enable 'tree mode', recurse into (MyDOS) subdirectories

-r  enable raw debugging output:
    The first number is the file-slot within a directory sector (0-7).
    The second number is the file attribute (in hex).
    After the filename the starting sector and the number of sectors
    (both in decimal) are shown.

Note: you can also pass multiple ATR files to adir, for example
"adir file1.atr file2.atr file3.atr". In Linux you can also use
the pathname expansion feature of your shell and get a listing
of all files: "adir *.atr".

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So it can do mydos disks! cool.


I just did a quick test of that 



directory of image 'SillyPack2k17.atr'

  AUTORUN AR0 0065  
 :BONUS       0008  
      HAPPYDAYTXT 0003  
      HAPPYDAYXEX 0078  
      NABUCHODTXT 0005  
      NABUCHODXEX 0003  
      README  TXT 0010  
      README  XEX 0031  
      REALTIMETXT 0028  
      REALTIMEXEX 0043  
      SV2K17INTXT 0003  
      SV2K17INXEX 0079  
 :DEMO        0008  
      PROZACDRTXT 0011  
      PROZACDRXEX 1384  
      REHARDENTXT 0006  
      REHARDENXEX 0297  
      TEMPLATETXT 0004  
      THEROCKYTXT 0006  
      THEROCKYXEX 0392  
      WEPLASH TXT 0012  
      WEPLASH XEX 0048  
  DOS     SYS 0037  
  DUP     SYS 0054  
 :GAME        0008  
     :ALIENS      0008  
          ALIENSFRMIC 0077  
          F       FNT 0009  
          MUZ     DAT 0033  
          S       TXT 0002  
          S       XEX 0108  
          TITLE   DL  0002  
     :BOSCO       0008  
          B128NTSCXEX 0652  
          B128NTSEXEX 0652  
          B128PAL XEX 0650  
          B164NTSCXEX 0426  
          B64NTSCSXEX 0426  
          B64PAL  XEX 0424  
          BOSCO   TXT 0010  
          BOSCO   XEX 0650  
      TEMPLATETXT 0005  
 :GFX         0008  
      ALIENSFRTXT 0002  
      ALIENSFRXEX 0052  
      ANTICTROG2F 0059  
      ANTICTROPNG 0070  
      ANTICTROTXT 0004  
      ANTICTROXEX 0095  
      ANTICTRPPNG 0501  
      BALOONS G2F 0064  
      BALOONS PNG 0127  
      BALOONS TXT 0002  
      BALOONS XEX 0161  
      BUKA    G2F 2536  
      BUKA    PNG 0089  
      BUKA    TXT 0002  
      BUKA    XEX 0060  
      DRAGON  HPM 0154  
      DRAGON  PNG 0213  
      DRAGON  TXT 0004  
      DRAGON  XEX 0611  
      FULCRUM BMP 1476  
      FULCRUM RAW 0123  
      FULCRUM TXT 0001  
      FULCRUM XEX 0134  
      GREETS  G2F 0049  
      GREETS  PNG 0130  
      GREETS  TXT 0002  
      GREETS  XEX 0109  
      MYDEAR  BMP 0624  
      MYDEAR  G2F 2536  
      MYDEAR  GIF 1284  
      MYDEAR  JPG 0333  
      MYDEAR  PNG 0028  
      MYDEAR  TXT 0002  
      MYDEAR  XEX 0044  
      ORDER   G2F 2593  
      ORDER   GIF 7408  
      ORDER   PNG 0120  
      ORDER   TXT 0002  
      ORDER   XEX 0122  
      PHARAO  G2F 0064  
      PHARAO  PNG 0132  
      PHARAO  TXT 0002  
      PHARAO  XEX 0145  
      RICKSREVTXT 0005  
      RICKSREVXEX 0109  
      SHAMAN  G2F 0092  
      SHAMAN  PNG 0100  
      SHAMAN  TXT 0002  
      SHAMAN  XEX 0110  
      TEMPLATETXT 0001  
 :INTRO16K    0008  
      INB     TXT 0003  
      INB     XEX 0080  
      LP2K17IETXT 0003  
      LP2K17IEXEX 0097  
      OLDSCHOOTXT 0004  
      OLDSCHOOXEX 0112  
      TEMPLATETXT 0005  
 :INTRO256    0008  
      BART    A65 0005  
      BART    DAT 0002  
      BART    PNG 0013  
      BART    TXT 0002  
      BART    XEX 0003  
      BLUES   TXT 0003  
      BLUES   XEX 0003  
      HOMER   A65 0006  
      HOMER   DAT 0002  
      HOMER   PNG 0013  
      HOMER   TXT 0004  
      HOMER   XEX 0003  
      IVI256  PNG 0073  
      IVI256  XEX 0003  
      IVI256RATXT 0007  
      IVI256RAXEX 0003  
      JULIASM TXT 0003  
      JULIASM XEX 0003  
      NABUCHODASM 0039  
      NABUCHODTXT 0008  
      NABUCHODXEX 0003  
      TEMPLATETXT 0005  
      TWOTWISTTXT 0004  
      TWOTWISTXEX 0003  
      ZG      A65 0018  
      ZG      TXT 0002  
      ZG      XEX 0002  
 :MSX         0008  
     :COVOX       0008  
     :GTIA        0008  
      LEFTOVERRMT 0029  
      LEFTOVERTXT 0002  
      LEFTOVERXEX 0048  
      LMPOKS  RMT 0014  
      LMPOKS  TXT 0002  
      LMPOKS  XEX 0034  
      SEVENTH RMT 0057  
      SEVENTH TXT 0002  
      SEVENTH XEX 0075  
      SNDSNOW RMT 0032  
      SNDSNOW SAP 0050  
      SNDSNOW TXT 0003  
      SNDSNOW XEX 0052  
      STRANGEGSAP 0045  
      STRANGEGTXT 0003  
      STRANGEGXEX 0048  
      TEMPLATETXT 0003  
      UCIECZKARMT 0049  
      UCIECZKATXT 0003  
      UCIECZKAXEX 0067  
      WEZINNA RMT 0041  
      WEZINNA SAP 0053  
      WEZINNA TXT 0002  
      WEZINNA XEX 0056  
 :WILD        0008  
      ATARISV G2F 2757  
      ATARISV PNG 0077  
      ATARISV TXT 0002  
      ATARISV XEX 0021  
      BLADE   BMP 1537  
      BLADE   TXT 0002  
      BLADE   XEX 0388  
      BMX     BMP 2050  
      BMX     PNG 0756  
      BMX     TXT 0003  
      BMX     XEX 0374  
      FILM    TXT 0004  
      FILM    XEX 0132  
      GRETROFITXT 0004  
      GRETROFIXEX 0080  
      README  TXT 0011  
      README  XEX 0032  
      ROBBOSOLTXT 0003  
      ROBBOSOLXEX 0124  
      TEMPLATETXT 0005  
0 free sectors


very nice. 

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The source is there, so adding SpartaDOS FS shouldn't be too difficult ;)


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Thanks to everyone who contributed to help answer my questions.  I didn't expect so many people to chip in and give it a go-- although I should have known better, as this is AtariAge and everyone is always very helpful to me here.  I'm busy now and family is coming into town today, so I can't dive into trying these ideas; but I will give it a go in the next few weeks.


I'm attempting to get a directory listing of 971 ATR disk images in DOS 2.0S and DOS 2.5 format that are part of the BELLCOM Public Domain & Shareware Library.  You can read more about that collection, if you don't mind reading a thread, here:




I want to upload the ATR images that I've collected on my hard drive to Archive.org, and I figured including such a listing would be helpful to include in the archive before its uploaded.



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