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Computer Shopper ST articles

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Thank you for the work on this.


Just making sure my tired, old, 59 year old mind

is remembering this correctly...Computer Shopper

was that very large, oversized magazine (small

book?)  :)



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Correct. It's why they are so hard to find. Especially on-line. You need an over-sized scanner to scan them. Luckily I have one.

Some time in the 2000s they started printing them in a normal magazine size.

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Allan, thank you for scanning these wonderful magazines.  My dad started buying them in the late 1980s into the early '90s (they are still stacked in a closet back home) and I would spend hours looking through the articles and advertisements.  As a teenage boy, I also distinctly remember large full-colour ads in Computer Shopper for "Discount Paradise" or "Paradise Joe's Discount Computers" or something to that effect that featured bikini-clad women holding laptops and modems -- anyone else remember those ads? 😍

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