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How do you add an entire floppy disk to an Adam hard drive?

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Is there a step by step guide to help me copy a disk (ADE or Physical) to my Micro Fox hard drive?


I want to add the MIB238 modded Adamlink disk or disk image to my hard drive so that I can run it from there



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Houston, we have a problem!


I recall not being able to get AL5 to work with the current version of the IDE driver/Hard Drive menu program. I think the issue is that AL5 includes RAMdisk functionality. Any program that configures or can use a previously setup RAMdisk will not work properly and therefore needs to be patched like PowerPaint and a few others where. I just tried again (via ADAMem SDL) and experienced the same result with the program loading up to the AL5 title screen with SmartKEY display and then freezing up. I should probably test on a real ADAM, but don't see the results being any different seeing as the AL5 disk image loads and works properly in ADAMem SDL.


It's odd because Rich Drushel included a BOOT file for Hard Drives with the AL5 program, so perhaps since AL5 was completed and released in 1992, it is only compatible with the MFM or RLL style Hard Drives and earlier drivers that Orphanware and Micro Innovations released before the IDE Interface came about.


AL5 files.jpg

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