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SNES Parts - very random assortment

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Often read the forums but have never posted but I thought someone might want some of this. 


I found 6 SNES consoles in extreme disrepair in a box left out in the trash at a neighbour's house a couple years ago.   I managed to hack together 3 working consoles from the parts.  There is a ton of parts left over...  only 2 motherboards.  Both are missing the port the controller breakout board attaches to.  One I tried to wire directly and failed the other was so damaged it just fell right off.


The plastics are yellowed but there are working cart port flaps, nice buttons,  etc.


I feel 3 Frankenconsoles is enough for me...  anyone want some random parts?


I'm willing to look through what I have to find a part you might need.   Also I'll post up to 30 Canadian for shipping to anywhere if you want to take the lot of this. If I can fit a part in an envelope I'd ship it to you for free. 


Keep in mind that you will not be able to just put it together and it works this is just leftovers...  plastic cases, shields,  etc will not match and will definitely be missing parts. 


I also have some DS lite parts and a GDROM for a Dreamcast that kind of reads discs the last time I connected it. 







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I sent you a PM, but I don't know if you got it.

If you have any mainboards left, I buy them.



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