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what is this game

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I was browsing through the atari 2600 connection issue 8 (http://www.atarimania.com/mags/pdf/atari-2600-connection-008.pdf) where I found mention of a game called Fire! by palmex. Apperently, you went into buildings, set them on fire, and then left. this is the only mention of this game i found. Here are my theories

1. Wrong system: maybe this game was released for atari"s 8 or 16 bit computers.

2. Lost prototype: this magazine often mentions unreleased games, sometimes with no mention of their unreleased status.

3. Mistaken identity: I don't think this is the case because i dont know how this happened. maybe they ment towering inferno or fire fighter.

4. Bootleg: maybe this is a bootleg with a different title and publisher of the games described in #3

anyone know more about this?

p.s. this is not like that "wrap up" that my previous account, Irvingnator, posted about.



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