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FS: 2600 carts James Bond 007, Lost Luggage, etc.

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I found some old 2600 carts lying around my room (as opposed to new, right?) and thought I'd see if anyone here wanted to buy them-- or possibly trade me Lynx games that I don't have (list of what I have below!). The Lynx is the only Atari console I'm into right new. Grew up with it.


Anyway, the games are (all loose):



Not Completely Common to Semi-Rare


*sold*!!!James Bond 007

Lost Luggage


Ugh, not another _______ cart.



Donkey Kong (Coleco, white casing)


Lock'n'Chase (black casing)

Space Invaders

Night Driver


Asteroids (64 Tele-Games)

Breakaway (12 Tele-Games)

Slot Racers

Keystone Kapers



Seeing as this is my second post on AtariAge, I'll ship my side of the deal first whether you're buying or trading...considering you have some positive feedback from other users in the "good traders" topic. Accept paypal and money-orders if you're wanting to buy.


PM me with any offers!


The following is a list of Atari Lynx games I already have (looking for any not listed!)



Awesome Golf

Baseball Heroes


Batman Returns


Blue Lightning

California Games

Chip's Challenge

Crystal Mines II

Gates of Zendocon



Jimmy Connors Tennis

Kung Food

Ms. Pac-Man

NFL Football

Ninja Gaiden




Steel Talons

Super Squeek

Tournament Cyberball

World Class Soccer


Zarlor Mercenary

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