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Just curious - NE error

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While getting my new CoCo SDC virtual disk device working (a very nice device, BTW), I noticed that before I figured out how to properly load disk files on my CoCo 3, I'd sometimes get a "?NE ERROR" error message. I did a Google search on that message and found references to it but none that explained what the error itself means. It's not urgent but I'd like to know what the error means.

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NE.  error means the computer cant find the disk

Mount your drive ( .dsk file )  with a DRIVE O,"MYDISK.DSK"


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Posted (edited)

You will want two manuals (plus the quick reference guide) from the archive, to work with the CoCo SDC and CoCo Disk systems.


Color Computer Disk System (Tandy) https://colorcomputerarchive.com/repo/Documents/Manuals/Hardware/Color Computer Disk System (Tandy).pdf

Color Computer Disk System - Quick Reference Guide (Tandy) https://colorcomputerarchive.com/repo/Documents/Manuals/Hardware/Color Computer Disk System - Quick Reference Guide (Tandy).pdf


CoCo SDC User Guide (Darren Atkinson).pdf https://colorcomputerarchive.com/repo/Documents/Manuals/Hardware/CoCo SDC User Guide (Darren Atkinson).pdf


Additionally, downloading and setting up the Coco SDC Explorer 1.25 (SDCX) (Guillaume Major).zip will make navigating around the SDC, a whole lot easier. https://colorcomputerarchive.com/repo/Disks/Utilities/Coco SDC Explorer 1.25 (SDCX) (Guillaume Major).zip


The SDC can be used just by command lines. However, the SDC Explorer makes navigation a whole lot easer. 



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