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Help with fried Atari 520ST

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Howdy, new in here, want to ask for some help if I may: I am new in the platform and got an Atari 520ST from a friend, just the CPU. Searched online and found the schematic for the power and bought the DIN, connected to the 2 5+, +12, -12 and grounds. When connected smelled burnt and saw a little white smoke. Disconnected immediately and later realized the schematic was backwards, and was not the cable, so I basically switched the cables. 
Feeling bad but looking for guidance on how to find the burnt or faulty components to replace. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Screen Shot 2021-08-14 at 7.33.34 PM.png

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Serious mistake. It got power reversed, so actually chips got -5V instead +5V. Most likely many of them is dead. And likely will be cheaper to get another Atari than repair this - not to mention time needed to find components ..

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If it's truly dead, I hope you can sell it off as a parts machine. The case, keyboard, some ports like the cartridge, ACSI, monitor and disk drive ports can be used by others.

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