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Bug in AtariRomChecker?

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Maybe a screenshot would help describe what you're seeing?

Which OS and Java Runtime version are you using?


Your OSB ROM (Combined 4K LO, 4K HI, and 2K FP ROM) should match CRC32 0x0E86D61D.


The author is @JAC! is here on AtariAge.

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Posted (edited)

The checksums match. The program simply doesn't display all fields.

Version 2015-02-16 works.

Versions 2018-09-22 and later don't.


Tried this on XP with 1.7.0_79 and 10 with 1.8.0_301. Identical behavior on both rigs.

Also, the Help section shows a bunch of ??? where the date/time versioning should be.





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Maybe due to some unicode support limitation in windows XP... I bet it will work in Windows 10.


Edit: NVM you said you tried on Win10 :) . Maybe Jac! will comment at some point since I tagged him.

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Can't get the romchecker to open on my Win 7 X64 machine, I used to have to right click on the Jar file and choose OPEN but even that isn't working now, reinstalled Java and still the same.

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On 8/19/2021 at 9:00 AM, Keatah said:

Seems Atari Rom Checker - https://www.wudsn.com/productions/atari800/atariromchecker/help/AtariROMChecker.html

Doesn't display all the information for ATARIOSB.zip and several other roms.

..but earlier versions populate the fields correctly. Not sure where to post a bug report for this or whom to contact.

There is no bug. Just downloaded and executed the latest version against your ROM. Every information is there.

Guess it is related to your PC system.Using Linux no problem occurs.


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Hehe, that is the version I had created 1h ago based on Keatah's feedback: There were several issue introduced by moving stuff around into a new folder/respository structure, plus changes caused by my new JDK (main class name missing from manifest). I've fixed all of this and uploaded a new version to my site.

The one thing I had to remove is the OS X wrapper. The one that was included will not work with 64 bit and will required a rewrite.
The .jar version and the .sh script should work on OS X nonetheless.


So please test and send feedback.

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