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DarkForce has switched...

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Just wanted to announce that I've switched The DarkForce! BBS from using a Lantronix UDS-10

to a WiModem 232.




This means that we are now using "raw" for translation instead of "telnet".


We've tested with multiple setups and uploading and downloading seems to be fully functional



If you're using Windows 7, Windows 10, MacOS, Kubuntu Linux, etc, then SyncTerm is one of,

if not the best choices for calling in.




If you're using an Atari ST, then TAZ, STalker, ANSITerm, Freeze Dried Terminal and Flash have

all been successfully used.


People from the 8bit community have reported their setups working fine as well (just remember

to use 80 columns for the best results).


If you're currently calling in with a WiModem 232, then just make sure that your translation is

set to "raw" as well. Just do an "at*t0" (that's the default anyway) and save with "at&w".


If you're using a Lantronix UDS-10, then you can use the following settings to put it into "raw"


*** Lantronix Universal Device Server ***
Serial Number xxxxxxx  MAC address xxxxxxxxxxx
Software version V5.8.0.5 (060724) LTX
Password :
Press Enter for Setup Mode

*** basic parameters
Hardware: Ethernet Autodetect
IP addr 192.168.xx.xxx, no gateway set
Telnet config password set

*** Security
SNMP is              enabled
SNMP Community Name: public
Telnet Setup is      enabled
TFTP Download is     enabled
Port 77FEh is        enabled
Web Server is        enabled
ECHO is              disabled
Enhanced Password is disabled

*** Channel 1
Baudrate 19200, I/F Mode 4C, Flow 00
Port 10001
Connect Mode : 56
Auto increment source port disabled
Remote IP Adr: --- none ---, Port 00000
Disconn Mode : 81
Flush   Mode : 00

*** Expert
TCP Keepalive    : 45s
ARP cache timeout: 600s
Monitor Mode @ bootup : enabled
HTTP Port Number : 80

Change Setup:
  0 Server
  1 Channel 1
  5 Expert
  6 Security
  7 Factory defaults
  8 Exit without save
  9 Save and exit            Your choice ?



Thanks everyone (and a big thanks to everyone who's helped

with testing and advice/suggestions during our changeover).



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5 hours ago, Tillek said:

I deleted Russ's post and created a new post for it.


Seems appropriate to me. Good call, thanks.


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