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VCF-SE 2021 TI stuff…

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Also, my VCF SE exhibit and also Mark Little’s 99/4A mega setup. 


And yeah, I saw a model of the F18A MK2 in person.  It’s pretty sweet looking! ;)

Matthew just needed a trench coat to complete the image of mystery so he could take it out of an inside pocket like it was some forbidden item…. 🤣😂  (Seriously, it was great seeing you after all these years!!)








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Sorry it took so long to post.  Here are a few TI photos from my perspective.  The guy (Mark Little) next to Jon's table had a pretty impressive 99/4 and 99/4A setup.  I really liked the 5.25" floppy drives he had.  I love 5.25" drives, the have so much personality and variation.  No matter how many I have seen, it seems there are always some I have not.


Jon had a nice display of the Tomy, the 99/4A and the CC-40.  We had some long discussions about each, and I not know the 99/2 was like the Sinclare and produced the video output via the CPU.  It's BASIC interpreter is also token compatible with the 99/4A.  Good stuff.





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