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Mega2 with vertical lines please help

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Hi all!
I have a MST2 that boots normally. But is has black vertical lines on screen. The are 2 pixels wide on low Res, and are about 1/2" apart from eachother all the way across the screen. I have done Ram and chips tests from the the 4.4 diagnostics cart, and YARRT tests, and all pass with no errors. (the vertical lines are present during all this too)
When in Gem, everything appears to work normally, disk access, read, format, play a game. Sound is fine.
There are original Atari made 2 chip TOS 1.2 ntcs rom. I tested with another monitor and get then same thing.
I have pulled and reinserted all socketed chips. No change. I have swapped the Shifter and DMA chips from working MST2, no change. I have reflowed Shifter and DMA sockets, and any other near by that could be a bad joints. No change.
Suggestions, Ideas?
Thanks !


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