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Rick Dangerous

Lynx High Score Club 2021 Mini Season: Round 3 - Hydra

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Posted (edited)

This round we play Hydra


Round Over: Sunday Sept 12th 11:59pm EST (ROUND COMPLETE)


Link to manual scan -


AtariAge - Atari Lynx Manuals - Hydra (Atari)


Settings easy (Default) continues allowed (it resets your score when you continue)


HSC Record:

settings - easy (Default) no continues
DonPedro (2,043,390)


Add Your Top Score from Hydra.  Please put your score in text in your post please, make my life a little easier. 



1. sdrake                  925,280  +10

2. Rick Dangerous      663,050  +8

3. doctor_shred         484,100   +6

4. Mr.JT                     165,880  +4

5. jeremiahjt                72,760  +2

6. roadrunner               48,070  +1





Current season point standings -


1. doctor_shred                  24

2. Rick Dangerous              22

3. Mr.JT                             14

3. jeremiahjt                      12

4. sdrake                           10

5. roadrunner                      7






Any corrections please post

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I have half of the games on the list. A small game shop is selling nos games, i have 35 games total, ill have to get some more soon. And a bennvenn screen

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This game rocks!  As i understand it you can die a bunch of times; you just can't run out of gas...lol. 



Screen Shot 2021-09-03 at 10.43.37 AM.png

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That is a lot of points. Is there an end to the easy level?  Does it loop after the last leg?  I have not got close to that far but figured 925,280 points would have had to made it to the end of the level for sure.

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