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Unknow arcade PCB

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Hello there,


I just got an unknown arcade PCB game, without any text or numbers written on it. There is a 2*22 pin edge connector (key on slot 17). The CPU is a Z80, and there is 7 * 2708 eproms on the left side of the board. On the right side, two 7805, one 7812 and one LM320 (negative voltage regulator).


The datecodes of the ICs are from 79 or earlier. The global aspect of the board let me think that it's from the early 80's.


Thanks to a multimeter, I manage to identify the mains signals on the edge connector :






A "small signal" is an unknown input/output pin, with a small track width (like a joystick input...).


Here is the parts side :




By any chances, can someone recognize this board or the edge pinout ?


I tried to dump the proms, but the 2708 are a bit hard to read (need a ±5V power supply).


Thanks in advance ! 🙂


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Ok thanks to some researches my pcb is very similar to this one :




It's a Space Invader clone by Sidam :





This guy got one :




But unfortunately mine is not exacly like this, the edge connector is different.... Looks like that I have a clone of a clone 🤔


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