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BLOKZ - Abbuc 2021 software compo game

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Time to publish some details about my entry in this year "Abbuc Software contest 2021."


Logic/arcade game inspired by an old arcade game called "Block Hole" ("Quarth" in Japan). Game was later ported to some consoles like Nes, Gameboy and unofficial releases exist for MSX and Colorcomputer.


Since the first time I've played this in local arcade back in 90s I was puzzled by "find the largest rectangle algorithm". So when I got back into coding on Atari in early 2000s I thought A8 deserves a version of its own :)
Years passed as I've coded initial block drawing routine, procedural generated levels, and tested couple approaches to make this recognition routine working. Let's just say they all failed :)


So this year when time came to choose something to code for Abbuc compo, I knew there wasn't going to be lot of time during summer, so said to myself - it's now or never :)

I'm proud to present this labour of love and many sleepless nights as I tried to make this work... Algorithm started working only maybe a week before deadline, so rest of time was spent making it look pretty, adding proper game maps and adding sound fx and adjusting it all to make it have that arcade feel, make player want more, and make dying fair, so you always get back for more. I've also tried adding music couple hours before deadline, but that didn't work as I planned so expect proper title tune to be added after compo is over and I can release updated version.



Hope you like it.
ps .I'll release source code after compo is done of course :)

pps. If you find any bugs while playing the game, please let me know so it can be fixed in updated versions.


Big thanks to the entire Atari community !


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