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FS: Odyssey2 console and game lots, Master Strategy sets, Turtles

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After years of collecting Odyssey2 I have ended up with way too many extra consoles and games.  Time to clear some out!

Console Lots


Five console lots numbered A through F for sale (lot E is already gone).  All consoles come with two hardwired joysticks, hardwired standard RF cable, power supply, Speedway/Spin-Out cart and choice of games (see list below).  No RF switchboxes included.  All consoles and joysticks were verified working last week.


Lot O2-A - comes complete in an original Odyssey2 console box - $75




Lot O2-B - has some water staining on the console's silver parts - $50




Lot O2-C - comes complete in an original Odyssey2 console box - $75




Lot O2-D - has some water staining on the console's silver parts - $45




Lot O2-F - does NOT include original console box - (tested, I just don't have a photo of it working) - $60




Lots A and C come with original console boxes.  I have a third console box that has a very worn bottom.  If you want it, I'll include it with lot B, D or F for an extra $5.



Each lot comes with EIGHT (8) games of your choosing from the following list.  First come first served:


(CIB unless otherwise noted)
Alien Invaders Plus #1
Alien Invaders-Plus #2
Alpine Skiing #1
Alpine SKiing #2
Armored Encounter/Subchase
Attack of the Timelord (box worn)
Baseball #1
Baseball #2
Computer Golf #1
Computer Golf #2 (box has light crushing)
Cosmic Conflict #1
Cosmic Conflict #2 (box taped and loose flaps)
Freedom Fighters (cart only)
Invaders from Hyperspace
I've Got Your Number
KC Munchkin (CIB, has original Caldor price tag for $27.70!)
KC Munchkin (cart only)
KC's Krazy Chase (CIB, box taped, with Toys R Us tag... it still exists in our hearts)
KC's Krazy Chase (cart and manual)
Las Vegas Blackjack #1
Las Vegas Blackjack #2 (box has light crushing)
Las Vegas Blackjack (loose cart)
Match-Maker/Buzzword/Logix #1
Match-Maker/Buzzword/Logix #2
Math-A-Magic/Echo #1
Math-A-Magic/Echo #2
Pick Axe Pete (box has light tearing)
Pick Axe Pete (cart only)
Pocket Billiards
Showdown in 2100 AD #1
Showdown in 2100 AD #2 (box has loose flaps)
Take the Money and Run (loose cart)
Thunderball #1 (Service Merchandise price tag of $14.97!)
Thunderball #2 (box has light crushing)
UFO #1
UFO #2 (box is unglued)
Volleyball (has original Caldor sale price tag for $17.70!)
War of Nerves


Uncommon games (sold individually):


Conquest of the World complete set - $30 SOLD

Quest for the Rings complete set plus flyer - $35 SOLD

Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt (complete, but copper token has lost its plating and is now just black) - $20 SOLD


Quest for the Rings - mostly complete, cart/manuals/most tokens/board, box lid separated - $15

Turtles (box light creasing) - $20
Videopac 39+ Freedom Fighters+ CIB - $20




Lastly I have an Odyssey2 Christmas Gift Guide, complete with all original insert flyers (not all are shown in the photo).  It wasn't stored flat so everything has a bend, but otherwise in good shape.  I'm not sure how to price this.  Make an offer (trades welcome, especially O2, 2600 and NES),

Contact me with questions.  Buyer pays shipping.




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Any chance you have a set of the foams that hold the console you would sell?

Also interested in the christmas gift guide.



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  if you still have? I will tale lot 02-C would you let go for $65 dollars? And Quest for the Rings complete set plus flyer for $20? 


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