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#FujiNet for Adam - Firmware Discussion

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Okay, have started committing to a repository called FujiNetWifi/Adam-Arduino-Tests.


These are prototype sketches being written against the Arduino framework, but built in Platform.io.

The repository is here: https://github.com/FujiNetWIFI/Adam-Arduino-Tests


and I am currently working on test #4, which should send a single block as if it's coming from Device #4 (Disk Drive 1), to boot a simple message.



Thing is, I'm definitely getting messages meant for me, but am immediately getting a NACK, before I even send anything back!




WTF? How could this be happening?


Any ideas while I grind through the 6801 code? ;)



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Yesterday was definitely rough, but, in the ashes of that failure, @mozzwald came up with a rather ingenious solution.


Since the RX and TX signal polarities are opposite each other, and we have two UARTs, and we can set the polarity of each UART, put the RX pin on one UART, and the TX on another. (The ESP32 has two UARTs, and there is a third UART on the CP210x USB for debugging and programming)


This also solves the echoing problem where I would have had to remove bytes I just transmitted from the RX FIFO.


Roughly five minutes later, I was seeing valid data come across from the tape drive: (first pic) YAY.




Fast forward to 30 minutes later, and I was properly catching packets.


30 minutes later, and I now have status packets being decoded correctly (second pic)




So now, I will try to see if I can boot a single block from device 4.

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