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Is the Panasonic BT-M1400PSN PVM-Style CRT Worth It?

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So I found a PVM-Style CRT locally. I live in a small city and considering where retro gaming is heading at the moment, especially in terms of price, I think this is the closer I'm going to get to a PVM. The seller sent me a few pictures, as well as the model number (Panasonic bt-m1400psn). I did a quick online search though and almost nothing came up, just a few forum entries from Europe. There's a lot of info about JVC, Sony and Olympus PVM's in both written and video form, but nothing about this Panasonic series. I don't know if what the seller wants for it is fair, I don't know anything about the picture quality, I don't know anything about the cables I need to make my systems work with it and so on. So does anybody here have any experience with this monitor in particular? Does the image quality look good on it? He's asking around 70 USD for it and apparently it works fine, but for what he told me, that TV has been sitting in storage for decades. I can always be honest and tell him that this is going to be a project that might take me months to complete and ask less for it, but since I don't know much about the CRT, I wanted to ask here first. Any experiences with this model in particular? I attached a few pictures I found in an online forum, but I can always upload the ones he sent me. Thanks in advance!

146_1 (1).jpg

146_1 (2).jpg

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On 9/13/2021 at 12:12 PM, mr_me said:

Looks like it only has composite inputs.  An s-video input would be nice.

Since this PVM-style CRT only has composite, someone suggested to get a consumer CRT at that point. Thing is, I only have space for a 14-inch or smaller right now. I was trying to find a 14-inch CRT with either S-video or component, but apparently only a few brands sold those (such as Sony or JVC). I could get a 14-inch CRT with composite for almost nothing and I really want to hook up my PS1, N64 and GameCube, but I wonder if adding that to my setup will be worth it in terms of image quality or if I should keep waiting for something better.

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