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Argon & Atari 5200

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As of the most recent update of Argon, games written for Atari 5200 are now supported!


Argon runs on Android phones, tablets, TVs and Chromebook, and is available at playargon.com


(Amazon and Raspberry Pi versions are in development/closed testing, to be released later on) 


Some self-help links on how to set up bluetooth game controllers, keyboard mapping, loading up your own library on device or via Google Drive, and other topics can be found at support.markspace.com

We currently default to an 8-way digital joystick for most games, and also support a 4-way digital joystick for maze type games that benefit from it.


Analog stick support is in development, and will show up in a future update. Ditto for a paddle mode for breakout/kaboom style games that only used 1 axis.


Thanks to AtariAge members @rra @eea @Bryan @Nojeee @Ryan Witmer @Cafeman and others you'll find some excellent indie games already pre-loaded in the free play section.


1357185264_BabyBerks5200.thumb.png.296459c54e93cfebcef58c4cb264faa9.png 1817852380_KookyDiver5200.thumb.png.4d2f926b1464c08cb8477dd72c991e93.png




You can load up your own collection (.A52 format) either locally on the device, or via Google Drive (which you can share between all your devices).


We'd like to thank @phaeron  for use of Altirra 5200 firmware, and @thorfdbg for his Atari++ core which we adapted for use on Android/with Argon.


Please check it out, and send us your feedback! This is our first release with 5200 support, and we have more polishing left to do!


If you are a developer and would like to see your game in either the free play or premium section, see devs.playargon.com for more info.




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In addition to Atari 5200, Argon also supports Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Atari Lynx, Colecovision, Intellivision, NES and Vectrex. More systems to come!

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