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Pack of encyclopedic cards - limited version

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Hello everyone.


You have probably already seen our encyclopedic cards in some of our games. They are postcard sized cards. They are part of our extensive project of encyclopedic cards about the whole video game, and they are collectible!

We are starting a Kickstarter campaign very soon.

In this campaign we propose 12 packs of cards on various machines, from the NES to the SNES through the Mega Drive/Genesis. But we also wanted to offer Vectrex, Atari 2600 and Intellivision fans to be part of the adventure, since we are fans ourselves and we've published games on these supports.


For this occasion, we suggest you to support our campaign, either by buying the regular packs, or by buying the packs of these three machines. And since we know that collectors like little extras, these packs will be limited to 150 copies.


For the moment this topic is only a presentation, you will know more when the KS campaign will be opened but here is what we can already say:

-The packs will contain 40 cards,
-You can have the cards in English, Spanish, Italian or French,
-The 40 cards will not be all the same in each pack. Most of them will be, but there will be different cards and variations.
-By financing 6 or 12 packs (which include machines other than Atari 2600, Intellivision and Vectrex) you will have access to bonuses and a club to win more cards and participate in various things.


The cards will be supplied in illustrated boxes. Regarding these illustrations, apart from the NES and Game & Watch volumes, which are already made, we will make them in partnership with the backers who will be able to suggest their ideas and even win special cards by doing so.









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Can you please elaborate how many unique intellivision cards there are? And if I’m reading your post correctly, the packs will not be full sets? Random cards?

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You can of course buy the intellivision pack only!  And we will announce here the opening of the campaign.


While many of the cards are the same for everyone, there are a few cards that stand out with more or less rare cards.

There are also variations.


Let's take an example. In the pack you can have 1 or more cards on our game "Maria". You can have a card that talks about the game, with some screenshots or a variation with other screenshots.
You can also have a card about Maria's character or a card about the developer of the game or a card about one of the creatures in the game.


The goal of our encyclopedia is to talk about everything related to video games, so there will be all the machines, all the companies, all the people, characters items etc.

In the intellivision packs, we will talk about intellivision of course, but be careful: each pack (not only intellivision) will contain 5 mystery cards. They can be intellivision cards but not necessarily. These cards are there to allow the exchange. You can for example get a collecovision card and exchange it with a collecovision fan for an intellivision card ^^.


Concerning the rarity levels, there will be 4, the cards can be:
-common (85%)
-uncommon (10%)
-rare (4%)
-very rare (1%)


We can't say how many cards will be produced for intellivision, since we will continue to produce them (There are new homebrew regularly :) ). But you will have all the games, important people, accessories etc.


We will make the list of produced cards public so everyone will be able to know at each release if there are new cards for the Intellivision.

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