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Hashtag-Parameters in SUB

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Extended BASIC uses # for sprite- and file-numbers, like CALL MOTION(#1,16,0). I have build a subroutine for a sprite with XB256 and it feels somehow wrong to use just the sprite-number without a #.

  CALL VREAD(1920,112,A$)
  X = ASC(SEG$(A$,S*4-3,1))
  IF X>127 THEN X=X-256
  Y = ASC(SEG$(A$,S*4-2,1))
  IF Y>127 THEN Y=Y-256

With CALL SPEED(1,X,Y) I can read the speed of of sprite #1. It would look better and more consistent if I could use CALL SPEED(#1,X,Y) instead, but this gives me a syntax error, no matter how I try to define the SUB.


[The CALL VREAD() will be replaced with CALL LINK("VREAD",1920,112,A$) by SXB in this example if you want to use the routine in standard XB/XB256]


Any ideas?

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XB can pass numeric and string variables or constants to an assembly sub. Here is the problem:

#1 is not a number

"#1" is a string and could be passed, but then you need the quotes.

I could never see a way around this.

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I have been working on the source code of XB GPL and Assembly longer then probably than anyone else as it is my sole project.

Why they picked the # symbol to put in Sprite routine is a mystery for me too.

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I consider these definitive answers, thank you both!


I kind of like the #1, but the # gave me hell for the syntax-highlighter in TiCodEd. But I finally managed to apapt it for the next version I am currently working on. It was interpreted as I don't know what until the end of the line.



will finally become


as expected.





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