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Is there a cassette (or any) version of Tetris for the TRS-80 Model I?

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OK, so I've managed to get my Model I fully operational, and have collected a little under 30 games for it so far (.wav files that I hope to put onto real cassettes eventually), but I can't seem to find the one game that I really want, Tetris...  As near as I can tell, a version was released on disk for the Model 4, but that doesn't do me any good as all I have are the afore mentioned Model I and a Model III.  It seems strange as Tetris is such a simple and popular game that can run on far less capable hardware.  I mean, I already have a port for my 1K ZX81, so I have to believe that someone out there has made a port of it for a 16K Model I?  


If anyone can steer me in the right direction it would be appreciated. 🙂  

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