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Legends Gamepad

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I see the Legends Gamepad is finally able to be purchased. I ordered one. They are $35.00 plus $10.00 shipping. I should have one in about a week.
(I also see that reservations are up for the new Legends Core Max. It is $150.00 plus $25.00 shipping.) They also have the old Core and Gamepad in a bundle now for $100.00.

Legends GamePad™ – AtGames E-Store


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So I've had the Legends Gamepad for about 24 hours now and it seems to work quite well.


It was easy to set up and everything worked out of the box as intended, even with all the games I've tried in the Sauce Arcade V5 is alive add on pack.


It really doesn't feel that cheap in hand like I keep hearing. The plastic/texture is fine. It's pretty heavy. It has a solid rumble/force feedback feature. The D-pad works, but it isn't great. The face and shoulder buttons are decent. The thumb sticks feel decent, too. The only thing that feels cheap to me and I worry about is the charging port.

The Pad is slightly different than the product image. The Home button is white in the image. Real one is also while but the way they painted the logo makes it look green. The thumbsticks aren't the same. In the image there is a green circle on top of the thumb pad and it looks as if the sticks are black. Real one is all black thumb pad. with green sticks. Also, in the image the plastic itself looks high gloss and shiny. thin and wavy too. In reality, its solid and has like a satin finish. Not matte, but not high gloss either.


For what it is worth, I still like the PS5 pad better and it works pretty well with some button mapping in settings. But, at half the price, and being a 1st Party controller, its a decent option for multiplayer games. If it continues to hold up, I may buy another one. Thank you to @Bill Loguidice for recommending it. 


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