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What videogame was so awful that you stopped playing almost immediately?

Ironic Punishment  

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  1. 1. You are locked in a room, which game do you pick?

    • Awesome Possum (Sega genesis)
    • Lord of the rings Fellowship of the ring (GBA)

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Ghost Manor - Trubor Grafx 16


You spend the entire game fighting the awful jump physics in a heavy platforming game.  You do nothing but keep sliding down to the bottom of the screen, get half way up only to miss the timing on another jump and slide back down.  I might have gotten to the second screen where the same process repeated but on slanted roofs


I don't know how that game got out the door.  Awful physics, awful level design, not one iota of "fun"

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I just remembered Darkwing Duck on the TurboGrafx. It's really bad. I also remembered Earthworm Jim 2 on GBA. Everyone says that Sonic 1 on GBA is terrible, and it is, but Earthworm Jim 2 is easily worse than that horrible version of Sonic 1. I tried it because I didn't know how bad it was and I quit after maybe 15 to 20 seconds because the game is basically broken.

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