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Call for authors to brainstorm Wizzy

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I am trying to create a better story for my next game Wizzy by using some structured methods. Well, actually I bought a copy of Fabula that is basically just a blank board where you can put post-it stickers describing your ideas.


As we all live apart I have replaced the post-it stickers with blog entries.


So if you feel interested I can add you to the Wizzy club. There is no money involved. But you will get a copy of the finished boxed game and your name in the credits. (In case you contribute to the story.)


Any takers?




The engine will be similar to On Duty (top down action with text flowing on the bottom line and a status bar at the top).


The game may be multi-player for two lynxes (a wizard and a witch). But it can also be played on one Lynx taking turns. (Perhaps)


At this first stage I am still working on the assets in the game.


Later, when the big idea is starting to materialize there will be a second part for the storytelling.

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Welll, why not?

I'm kinda lazy lately but maybe I'll come with something. :)

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