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5200 OE HSC Challenge 10/2021 Vanguard

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Our game in October is an overlooked gem, Vanguard. My personal cart is one of the goofy error labels where they forgot ūüôĄ, to add the¬†name. Play on defaults, rapid fire allowed at will, Do Not Continue. Play on real 5200 systems, using Atari mfg controls. Use of 3rd party analog sticks, such as Wico, permitted with -1Hsc pt penalty. Only modern exceptions allowed, are flashcarts/SD loaders running original Roms. Pics Preferred, but not required, except for HSC wins and records.

Round ends when month does.

**December will be Millipede** Get yourself a way to play today!


Current HSC record- Bust it for a bonus point!

Vanguard - (Rapid Fire Allowed/Do Not Continue)
Nuclear Pacman 232,970


Final scores:


70,860  rubeon +11

35,290  DamonicFury +10

33,430  jetset +9

21,520  roadrunner +8

15,120  RangerG +7


current standings-


DamonicFury - 90

rubeon - 84

jetset - 79 

RangerG - 58

zylon - 54

Bemis - 30

MrTrust - 26

roadrunner - 20

thursday83 - 11


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This game puts some wear and tear on the hands!  


I remember when this came out back in the day,¬†my brother and I were absolutely flabbergasted that we could play Vanguard at home in a very decent version:¬†Good sound, 4-way firing, and levels that looked right out of the arcade. It came out right about the time Atari games started showing up in the bargain bins, too, so it wasn't too long before we could pool our lawn-mowing money and pick up a copy ūüôā


I do quite like this port, but I find it to be harder than the arcade cabinet mainly due to the controls.  The controls on the 5200 work for me, but the 4-way firing in the arcade version is just perfection.




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Didn't realise we could turn on auto-fire, so figured I'd give it a try.  Easier on the hands, that's for sure!


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October¬†closes with a nice 2nd effort by rubeon sealing the win.¬†ūüĎćūüė鬆A big thanks to all who played and keep this little niche going. :)¬†On my end, I've finally finished moving, and have my stuff kinda setup. Now that I can play again, we'll have one of my 5 faves for this month, before Millipede's debut in the OE. I've attached the Rom we will be using for y'all to get it set up. It's the same one in the AA store carts as well.



Final scores:


70,860  rubeon +11

35,290  DamonicFury +10

33,430  jetset +9

21,520  roadrunner +8

15,120  RangerG +7


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