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I don't know how many of the development members visit the other channel but i though ya'll might find some interest in this collection I uploaded. it was part of a TI Hardware Salvage. The inventory once belonged to the TI99ers user group of York, PA. Seems it was abandoned decades ago in a closet. Found during renovations. A friend of mine was tasked with "Proper Disposal" and called me immediately. As far as the hardware and original disks, they are almos prestine and everything is in perfect working order. Even the console's origianl Keyboard.

Anyway, there is a collection of 144 disk images. Some are repeats (discovered afterwards) and some are blanks but not many.

There is TI Forth Stuff in there, early version of programs in development, interesting (to me anyway) index program for the tape player, other cataloging and content listing programs, utilities, etc.... 

Every disk has it's contents cataloged to pdf.

Each page of the pdf denotes which archive number you are reading.


It's here in the first post if you're interested.


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