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#FujiNet being refactored to support CBM, Adam, Apple2, Atari8bit, etc.

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#FujiNet Refactor: I am currently spendinng the next however many days doing a much needed re-factoring of the FujiNet code-base to support different systems, bus types, devices for each system, and media types for each system.


the basic goal right now is this:


@idolpx broke things up into:


* bus/
* device/
* media/

and under each of these, are e.g.

* bus/
*    adamnet/
*    iec/
*   sio/


and the same for device.

* device/
*    sio/ 
*        disk...
*        printer...
*        fuji....
*        modem...

media has:

* media/
*     atari/
*     cbm/
*     adam/


and that includes the functions to move around in the various media formats.


so what I am doing, right now, is finding everywhere we are poking into sio specific stuff, and doing the following:


* Stubbing out equivalent functions on other systems
* replacing specific class names with a #define that gets set based on which build is being done.
* repeat until it builds.


If you guys want to help, please feel free to jump in.


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#FujiNet #atari8bit For anyone who has a platform.io dev environment set up (or wants to set one up to track the latest fujinet), I need your help:

The code in master has long since been refactored to support multiple targets, and I need people to build it now that it's been refactored and see if it runs on your hardware, testing all the major pieces (disk, printer, modem, network).


If you need help doing so, please comment in this thread.

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Any News? We could do great things w/ Adam- Atari connection.


BITD, I used TeleVideo machines ( beautiful) to edit and assemble the Indus-GT code for SDX.


It could be easily done on an Adam.


I'm just sayin' It's a 4 Mhz. Z80, and it's NO slouch.

Yeah, the TMS9918A SUX.


Just stream of consciousness BS.  Just throwing ideas out there.


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Current Schematic:



Meanwhile, @jeffpiep is hard at work bringing up the Apple ][ version, which uses the SmartPort:



and @idolpx is hard at work fusing his work from the 8266 based Meatloaf, into the FujiNet code base, in fact, he was ultimately responsible for the code reorganization which has allowed the FujiNet codebase to differentiate buses, peripherals, and media types.




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