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What games have you played for more than 100 hours?

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tl;dr: List the games you've spent over 100 hours on in total in your life!


As those of you who participate in @carlsson's wonderful game tracker threads (Classic and Modern) have probably noticed, I am a free spirit when it comes to playing games. I feel no obligation to finish anything or stick with something if I am not having fun, or even if I am having fun and something else distracts me. I blame/credit this to a childhood where we only got Game Gear games a few times a year and almost never bought home console games. (We literally never bought an NES game besides the pack-in SMB/Duck Hunt, and only bought a handful of Genesis games, almost exclusively from Blockbuster's discards.)


In the late 16 bit and the 32 bit era, I poured much more time into games. All kinds of games - RPGs (Final Fantasy VII, so sue me), RPG-like games (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night), racing games (Jet Moto, Gran Turismo), action games (Twisted Metal 2, largely two player), and so on. I got jobs and had some small amount of money and I bought games instead of just renting them. Being naturally a handheld gamer, when the GBA came out, I armed myself with an array of easily positionable lamps and went to town, pouring hundreds of hours into the handheld, though I'm not sure I spent over 100 hours on anything except Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.


But then college got busy and life got busy and I got a job. Spending more than 10 hours on a game became hard to justify and 100 hours seemed obscene. My dilettantish approach and predilection for portable gaming allowed me to play a ton of games, a fair number to completion, without spending more than 15-20 hours. I think the only long RPG I've played to 100% completion since 2002 was Dragon Quest IX, for reasons I can't entirely explain. (I really loved StreetPass and StreetPass-like functionality, is one of them.)


But thinking back on old standbys, I have easily logged over 100 hours on my favorite arcade games, too, at least if you include ports - Joust, Pooyan, Tron, and so on. 1000 hours is 60000 minutes, so if your average arcade game lasts 5 minutes, you would have had to play 12000 games.


So, here are the games I think I've put more than 100 hours into (lumping direct ports together). What are yours?








S.T.U.N. Runner (mostly the Lynx port)

Rampart (mostly the Lynx port)



Chip's Challenge

Crystal Mines II


Game Gear:


Sonic 2


Game Boy:


Link's Awakening (I have beaten it 10+ times including the GBC and Switch ports)

Tetris (not including other versions of the game, but including Tetris DX)




Sonic 2 (including a lot of two player challenge mode)




Final Fantasy VII

Twisted Metal 2

Jet Moto

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Gran Turismo


Game Boy Advance:


Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (played through at least once with every class and found every card with each class that could use them)


Nintendo DS:


Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies (I know I rolled over 250 hours, but I don't remember if I maxed out the counter)


Nintendo 3DS:


StreetPass Plaza (I shudder to think of the total time investment, but I 100% completed many of the games)




Endless Ocean (I would just put on my custom music mixes and swim for hours)


If you included series, there would be many more, from Commander Keen to Mario, but for now I guess let's focus on single games.

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Very good section

I have to say: The Gold Boxes on C128.

Me and my gaming buddy played those endless nights until we finished them.



Pac-Man (My first video game I've ever played)


Super Cobra


Going to sleep I had flickering images in my eyes...Good old days

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I have several but many aren't anything different from anyone else (Oblivion, GTA, several CODs, COH2) so in the "a little different" category, plus the era in which I played them...


Taito's Championship V'Ball (arcade, adult)
Joust (Atari 7800, adult)
Joust (Atari XE, childhood)
WCW vs NWO Revenge (N64, teenager)
WWF Wrestlemania 2000 (N64, teenager)

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Mostly the usual but... 


Galaxian on 2600 as it was my first game ever I owned myself. 


Final fantasy VII on ps1, this was in part due to my first girlfriend. She had 6 knights of the round, all grown legitimately. Lol. 


Final fantasy XII on ps2. I actually 100% this and got order of ambrosia.


I was the original speed runner for Shining Force III and Panzer Dragoon Saga for Saturn, but I easily already hit over 100 hours for both games before speed running them. PDS WR is now held by a Japanese woman who had never played it before speed running it, and SF streamers like Bowie the hero has finally taken out my Record for SF III


Azure Dreams on ps1, absolutely fantastic rogue like, replaying it now while I wait for the new Jaguar homebrew game KoE. 


Sim city 2000 on saturn. Played that game like crazy. Original on snes as well easily got that many hours. 


Does skyrim count? I only really bothered to play it on pc but it's been on various consoles by now. 


There will be other rpgs I've played more than 100 hours in, but only listed the main ones here for me. 

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Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros 3

Ninja Gaiden


Final Fantasy


Super Mario World (probably 500 hours)

Street Fighter 2 (somewhere near 500 hours)

Final Fantasy 3

Playstation 1:

Final Fantasy Tactics


Final Fantasy 7

Chrono Cross



Super Mario 64


Baldurs Gate 2


Quake 3 Arena

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Most recently was Divinity Original Sin 2: Definitive Edition for 159 hours.


Most played game was Skyrim with a total time of 1,359 hours on both Oldrim and Special Edition.


Another game with a lot of playtime is Unreal Tournament 2004 with over 900 hours.


All on PC.

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At first, I thought, "not many" since I have so many consoles and games I don't put much effort in before I run off to something else, but then I got to thinking about "the good old days" and came up with a few:

In arcades and bars (actual coin-ops, probably more than 100 hrs):

- Space Invaders
- Asteroids
- Avalanche

later (maybe more than 100 hrs): Raiden, Star Wars, Pengo

At home (over the years, more than likely greater than 100 hrs)

Game Boy: Tetris, Nintendo64: The New Tetris

NES: Millipede, Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle

Colecovision: Pepper II, Steamroller

VCS: Kaboom, Astroblast

Coin op emulated: Head On 2 (LOVE this game)

Also, if you count the TV as a console, then you can include Star Trek, Stargate, Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, and a whole bunch of other old cheezy science fiction shows. Kind of pathetic when I think how many reruns I've watched on purpose.

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Battlefield 1942 (PC)

Championship Manager 2 (PC)

Championship Manager 96/97 (PC)

Medal of Honor (PC)

Panzer General (PC)

Stars! (PC)

Super Mario Bros. (NES)

Unreal Tournament (PC)

Worms World Party (PC)

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With most, its probably thanks to either online play or conversion mods:

Subspace (aka the Continuum)

Battlefield Bad Company (maybe also 1943)


Gran Turismo 4 & 5 (maybe also 1 & 6)

Doom, probably, with all the WAD packs everywhere.


If we're counting all the ports, I'm surely there with Virtua Racing, but I'm not sure I have 100+ in any one version.


I specifically remember not quite making it there with FF7 or recently XenoBlade Chronicles 2 (though if I did the DLC I probably would)


Steam says that of my 2100 games on the platform, I've made it to 100hrs with exactly 3:

Cyberpunk 2077 (139 hrs)

Rimworld (120 hrs)

Moe Jigsaw (103 hrs) 


I'm a little surprised planetside 2 wasn't on the list, but not even close--according to steam. I wonder if I played it mostly before I was on steam

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Oh good grief! (when I think about the time wast... er time SPENT playing games)


There's really too many to count, but if you have talked to me or seen my times on the trackers you have a pretty good idea where I spend my time.  :)

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Phantasy Star Online for sure, especially on DC.  I don't think I put 100 hours in on the Cube version even though I played that a lot, too.  Maybe.  I doubt I played anything else that long. Maybe Morrowind.

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I really don't replay games hardly at all, and very few of the kinds of games I like take 100+ hours to complete, so not many for me.




Dark Souls - Between two complete playthroughs on the PS3 and one on the PC (and several aborted playthroughs testing different builds), I am pretty certain I am just over 100 hours on this one.


Dark Souls III - 107 hours spent on one aborted playthrough, one complete playthrough, and then an another 85% playthrough.


Doom - I definitely must be over 100 hours on this, between playing through it as a kid, then again when Ultimate Doom was released, all the user-made WADs, all the source ports, and (more recently) on DOSBOX then on my dedicated DOS machine.  The game never gets old.


Blood - Same as with Doom, though I honestly haven't spent much time playing user maps... I just play through the original campaign every few years.


The Bard's Tale IV - But only if you count the roughly 50 hours spent beating the original release, then the 50+ hours I spent completing the Director's Cut.  I really disliked this game at first (it plays absolutely nothing like the first three games), but needless to say got really addicted to it a few hours in.

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2600 -Solar Fox, Eggomania, Breakout, Super Breakout


NES - Tetris, Super Mario Brothers


PS one - Driver 2, Space Invaders, 

PS two - Gran Turismo 3


Arcade - Asteroids


Time very well spent.




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I uh... thanks to Steam and two notebooks for reminding me how little I went outside as a kid.



Missile Command



Game Boy





Doom (1, 2, Plutonia)


PC (Modern)

Counter Strike (1.6, Source, Global Offensive)

Elite Dangerous

Garry's Mod


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

Tabletop Simulator

Team Fortress 2




Shiryou Sensen: War of the Dead





Super NES

The Lawnmower Man

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Since most of the classic arcade-style games last about 5 minutes, give or take.  I doubt I put more than 100 hours into any of them, even the ones I played a lot


I probably didn't hit the 100 hour mark until RPG style-games started showing up.    Maybe something like Ultima IV would have been the first.  (Ultima III maybe but it's shorter)


When the Tycoon Games and "God Games" started showing up,  then I really started spending a lot of time on single games.  I can safely say I put more than 100 hours into these:

Sim City



Transport Tycoon

The Sims

Rollercoaster Tycoon

Heretic (Not a sim game, but my favorite of the early first person shooters)


Modern Games I put more than 100 hours into:

Battlefront II

No Man's Sky


Don't Starve

Animal Crossing



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Atari 2600 Kaboom!     


I think that's about it.  I maxed/rolled a few other games and didn't feel the need to play again.


I will probably get there on Solar Fox someday and Hunchy 2.




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