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inline sprite editing in C / VIM

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This was a fun exercise... I always find I have to do some rework to get sprite definitions from some editor format to C anyway.. or take the assembly, and add an .asm module to the project.. that's usually the easiest... I'm sure I have magellen installed somewhere... but my needs are trivial... so how about trivial editing inline with my C code... 




Using VIM, I '/1' search for 1, and it highlights all them... that sticks around until I search for something else... The macro math is all performed at compile time, so it is just a chunk of bytes, in the correct order for the 16x16 pixel sprite... 


#define SPR16X(a,b,c,d, e,f,g,h, i,j,k,l, m,n,o,p) { \  
  a >> 8, b >> 8, c >> 8, d >> 8, e >> 8, f >> 8, g >> 8, h >> 8, \  
  i >> 8, j >> 8, k >> 8, l >> 8, m >> 8, n >> 8, o >> 8, p >> 8, \  
  a & 0xff, b & 0xff, c & 0xff, d & 0xff, e & 0xff, f & 0xff, g & 0xff, h & 0xff, \  
  i & 0xff, j & 0xff, k & 0xff, l & 0xff, m & 0xff, n & 0xff, o & 0xff, p & 0xff \  


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