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39th TI-99/4A Annual Chicago TI International World Faire Live stream Link

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I think it would be 7:30 for you if you are on Pacific time.  Chicago is on central and I think there is a two hour difference.



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5 hours ago, FarmerPotato said:

Some of us are chatting on the Saturday pandemic club link.


For easy reference: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88092618677


I watched part of the Geneve presentation in between calls.  I didn't hear an answer to your question about the Geneve ansi video mode.  The 9938 doesn't provide a multi-color text mode, so graphics mode 6 is used to mimic 16-color text mode by plotting the characters on the screen.  The "IBM" palette is matched to the default Geneve/TI palette. Adjusting the palette is do-able but makes for some compatibility issues so for now, that feature wasn't implemented.  Typing "MODE 60" gets you into the color mode via the command line; MODE 80 is 24x80 text mode; MODE 90 is 26.5x80 text mode.


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