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Anyone recognize this chess game?

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Wondering if anyone recognizes this chess game screen shot?




It was broadcast as part of the BBC's Blakes7 episode "Gambit".


The show was originally broadcast in March 1979.   It was a low-budget Sci-Fi show that routinely recycled props from other shows to save money.  In the show the chess game is animated and I highly doubt the props department created this from scratch.   Plus in 1978/79 home computers/consoles/TV games beyond "pong" were still quite rare in British homes, so I expect they used a commercial product assuming most viewers would not know.   Including me.


It looks like it might be from an Atari 2600, but this is not the 2600's chess cartridge.  Also it is not from the Philips G7000 or the TI99/4. 


What home chess games were even available in late 78 or early 79 when this was probably filmed?



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Sargon was available and some of the pieces look similar to Sargon for the Apple II's design style but these have a sort of a bony fish take on the look. Has to be a fairly high resolution for 1979 to permit all those spikes on the knight and pawn with gaps between. I don't remember any computer screen from before 1980 looking exactly like that. It could simply be the art department making a mock-up that resembles the then state of the art of computer games. 

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Sure. That's Tolinka. A prototype for SciSys' Intelligent Chess and its display system. Tolinka was a display system paired with a 6502 chess computer, basically.. Something like that.

03-1980 [O-8701] Intelligent Games - Intelligent Chess (prototype).pdf







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