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Atari 6 switch Colour issues or is it ok?

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Hi Guys


Last xmas my partner picked me up an Atari off ebay. It worked but immediately i noticed strange colour behaviour.

For example when loading up combat or space invaders the colours seemed pinks and whites and odd colours until i flick the game reset. Then the game starts and colours all appear as expected.

I have recently had an RGB mod done, a new tia chip and caps replaced. It all works great except the same colour issues are seen, so is this the games themselves by design?

I would of thought/hoped all was ok, however I noticed in space invaders on my last life the colours flicked to the pinks and blues again, so this tells me its not a pre game reset feature :(


Any ideas of the cause, i suspect not the color pot as resetting all seems fine? I have also tried a new power adapter today and have seen the same issues.

** EDIT Works done include..
The colour pot has been cleaned, 820ohm resistor added to the colour lines as in vcs service bulletin. The voltage regulator has been replaced with the cap kit https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274741910218

Before and After "Game reset" switch pulled images ...





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Don't forget - They didn't have title screens back then. They needed to find ways to jazz things up. That was considered fancy!

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Well this is great news! Doesnt explain my last life space invaders doing the same? I will re test and see if it does it again.

But still great news :)


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As has been stated, I do believe these games and several of the other early made games go through a color cycling process when you first power on to prevent screen burn back in the day. The will do the same thing after a min or so when you have lost your last life and the game is sitting waiting for you to reset or power off the console.

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