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Storing multiple boxes in one container?

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I'm starting to go through and reorganize my collection a bit, and I realized I'd like to put some of by boxes into longer-term storage.  There isn't anything special here; it's all Commons that are taking up shelf space which I want to dedicate to things that are playable.  Problem is, I'd like the boxes to be well protected when stored (i.e. sticking a bunch of cardboard boxes in a squishable cardboard box isn't a great idea).  But, I also don't want to go overboard, i.e putting each box in a $20 hard-plastic sleeves and THEN packing them-- I'm really just looking for options for a nice sturdy box/case that can hold a lot of boxes safely at once where I don't have to worry about it.


What do people do for long-term storage?  I would love to hear what containers work best, and to also see what people have done.


Thank you!

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I use the big plastic stackable storage bins for everything. Just be sure to store them in a good dry place. Here in East Tennessee there's a mold that's gotten pretty bad. It seems to affect fabrics, leather, rubber, and some plastics. Even in a dry temperature controlled environment I'm still having trouble with it getting on everything. It causes minimal damage to most things and can be wiped off. Leather is another story. The mold seems to eat into the surface of it and ruin it rather quickly. Sorry, I guess I went a little off topic there. That mold just gets on my nerves and every time I check on my spare controllers, I have to clean the cords.


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Many of my boxes are in less than pristine condition as I acquired them used. As I am paying for my storage space, I am most concerned with reducing the overall volume of material. Density is the primary goal. I have flattened all of the boxes, and then layered them into one or two large file cartons.   


I cannot speak to their present condition; they went into storage in Summer 1998, and I have not had the need to retrieve or check on them since.


I expect to purchase a condo next Summer/Fall, so I will be emptying my storage facility at that point. 

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