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Action! Vim syntax highlighting?

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On 11/13/2021 at 2:41 AM, KlasO said:

Does anyone have Vim syntax highlighting files for Action!?


I started making some VIM syntax highlighting for both Action! and SpartaDOS X batch files in June, but I never finished.  You're welcome to what I have so far.  I know that the syntax highlighting breaks around math equations for example.




Bonus, I created a set of VIM mappings to convert to/from ATASCII newline.  Again, never got a chance to finish it.


Some caveats about this set of scripts; the conversion from ATASCII to *NIX will append an extra newline, so that if you do a few conversions between ATASCII and *NIX line endings, you'll grow your original file with newline characters.  I also nuked the text in my file if I left the cursor at the bottom of my file and converted from *NIX to ATASCII; a simple "undo" fixed it, but fair warning.




PRs welcome on either project.



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Added SpartaDOS X batch file note
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