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IDE Card Installation Notes

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Shift838 was instrumental in my getting the card going.


I just got an IDE setup going and thought I'd type up a few notes while it was fresh in my mind.
Before you get started go to Fred's website: https://www.ti99-geek.nl/
You'll need disk versions of his:
  DSR, DU2K and DM2K.
You can set the CRU for the IDE controller any place, the DSR isn't picky.
Make sure you don't use slot 5 in the pbox.
In my case, I'm not concerned about DSK1. emulator, so I set mine up as >1200 - right behind the FDC.
Do yourself a favor: purchase an assembled unit from Shift838 and have him add and format a CF drive.
Two potential pain points on the IDE controller is the CF adapter needs to pull memory from the controller, which can wiggle loose, so I taped both the red and black wires down with a small piece of electrical tape.
Chris added an LED by the compact flash adapter, if the LED isn't lit - then the CF adapter and CF card isn't getting the voltage it needs to run.
The other pain point is the DSR is stored in RAM, so it's possible for that to get hosed - just like on a Horizon ramdisk.
Now the nice thing is, even if your DSR becomes toast and you have to reload the DSR - the partitions living on the CF will be seen and you don't lose a byte or bit of data.
There is a switch on the back of the card that will disable the card. You can use that, if the DSR gets it, and you can't get to the title screen. Disable, get to the title screen and enable, reload your DSR.
CALL IDEST - is your friend.
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Chris said so! 😃

That came from Thiery's original note. The placement of the voltage reg is perilously close to a big screw on the back plane.

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