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Atari 2600B Clone - Questions and gift

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Hi All,

I've been the owner of an Atari Console clone for about 15 years or so, I got it in a flea market in Santiago, Chile. I never really used it and I powered it maybe 3 times.

Last time about a year ago, it is not in great condition but it display the games in the screen, both the internal ones and from cartridges.

I realized paddles don't work, which I guess is common with these clones. So I lost interest on it and finally I ended up modifying and restoring a Sears branded light sixer, and I am super happy with it.


Therefore, I will put it soon in the FREE section of the forum, so someone (preferably from US, the console is NTSC by the way) else interested in modifying, researching, and playing with it can make good use of this console.


However, this 2600B clone (TV Game Compatible 2600B according to the label) has always intrigued me. So I have several questions, even though I have tried to answer some of these questions reading atariage.com forums:

Are there really 9999 games in it? probably not right?

Not sure how to select the games, I know it has a game group switch with 3 positions, but I guess it use some type of randomization, or just increment a counter or something like that?

Did someone extracted/dump already the "9999 games"? I would like to have the ROM dump, if such thing does exist.

Is there at least a handful of games that are good to have from those 9999 games?

Is there a way to install an UAV in this console?





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I can't answer all your questions, but maybe I can help a bit. The clones never have that many games. The number is always greater than the actual amount. I'm not sure about the switch or adding a UAV without seeing the internals of the console. I think I remember hearing of a dump from a clone system, but I don't know if which clone it came from, as there were many. I'd be very interested in this one, but I don't have the ability to dump it. While I do live in the USA, I don't even have a way to pay for shipping right now.

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Thanks for the answers.... I understand many questions cannot be answered without more specific details about the clone console. Hence, here are some pictures.

It looks like a common Rambo and Sanyo clone, except that the PCB says 2600B-4620, instead of the 4615 (in pictures you can find in google images and here in AtariAge)

I found a picture from @ndary here in AtariAge with instructions on where to pick the audio and video signals to do a A/V mod:


I will try to find more info regarding the 32-pin chip that is supposedly a masked ROM with the 9999 games (of course it'd contains 150 or so games if I am very lucky...), and try to dump it before giving the console away.

Any information of this 32 pin chip would be greatly appreciated.






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The board is very reminiscent of the junior clone atari, here in Brazil we had the version with 128 games in memory, I even had one of those. It was an alternative before the arrival of rom emulators. 

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What I think is novel is that the masked ROM should be the NTSC version of games.

Even the code printed on top of the my ROM chip has an "N" instead other ROM chips in other pictures have "P" (PAL?).



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