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Shaggy the Atarian

New Arcade Games with more Pac-Man, Ice Cold Beer

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I was in Orlando for most of last week at IAAPA 2021, where I got to spend a bit of time with the latest titles coming to the market courtesy of the arcade industry. Contrary to various media reports, the death of the arcade has been greatly...well, lied about, as there are still many arcades out there who need new games.


I posted one detailed report here if anyone is interested, which includes pics of the new Ice Cold Beer reproduction cabinet that is launching next year.


I've got a lot more to talk about from the show, but I'm focusing on editing together videos that I shot there and will then post about it on the blog.


For some vids that you may or may not be interested in:



Anyone a fan of Cotton? Arcades getting an exclusive version of the new game:


Interesting new idea for arcade basketball. Took a page from the Connect 4 Hoops game that is out there, but throws zombies into it



Yes, there is a Mission: Impossible Arcade game



You can't have an arcade tradeshow without a new racing game:



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I almost forgot I made this topic, so here are some updates. Let's do pinball first:


Godzilla by Stern Pinball. Very fun, Premium version is where it's at:



Cactus Canyon Remake by Chicago Gaming Company. If pinball wasn't such a tough prospect for making money on location, I'd be seriously contemplating getting one of these. Very well made and a lot of fun.



Legends of Valhalla by American Pinball. While it doesn't introduce anything revolutionary, it's pretty cool for an original theme and plays well. 



Legends Pinball by AtGames. I guess this already exists on the home market, but they were talking about a commercial version.It is interesting to play classic Taito arcade games reimagined as original, albeit simple 80s-era pinball tables



There was no presence for Jersey Jack at this show, nor Spooky unfortunately. Maybe next time.

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