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U1Meg and Side2 Can’t get to work.

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I’ve spent the day trying to get this combination to work and I’ve read as many online tutorials as I could.


All I want to do is be able to play Games in ATR format on my Atari 800 XL. 

I have a 4gig CF card formatted in fat 32. From a Windows desktop I put a collection of games in ATR format on it. From what I’ve read when I start the computer with the cartridge switch up the loader should show me a list of games to start. 

All I get is an error that says media not found. 

I have reformatted the CF Card in Fat 16 to see if it would make a difference and it does not. 

What I would like is to be able to boot into a loader and allow me to run my games. and save them.


On top of that I would like to boot my computer and have two Atari drives. 

In case I want to do some software development and I need a place to save my programs.

many help would be appreciated. 




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might simply be the cf card is not compatible... there are quite a few that no longer support the correct modes any more

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There are different U1MB firmware versions for SIDE1&2 vs SIDE3. Not sure if that's the reason of this particular error if your U1MB is flashed with SIDE3 support. 

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@acolic  As @mistapaul says you will likely have to update your firmwares. Can you tell us which U1MB firmware you are running?  Or take a screen shot of it and post it up.


As @Jacques mentions there are plugins for SIDE2 as well as SIDE3 for Flashjazzcat's (FJCs) firmware. (FJC being the creator of the newer firmware for U1MB, SIDE 2, SIDE3, Incognito).


If on the other hand you have the original firmware which looks like this and isn't the FJC one:




...then you would do best to flash the new FJC firmware (vid here and firmware here) (latter FJC site where all the guidance and documention is available):




Also as mentioned there maybe an added issue with your CF card.


Confirm what you have first perhaps and then we might clearly see what the issue is.:grin:


Incidentally you mentioned running games .... and saving them? 

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In order to use the ATR images, you should use the loader from the U1MB. Get into U1MB menu and press 'L'. You must have the PBI BIOS enabled in the U1MB options.

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