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Printer Cable for CoCo Search

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Is it possible to wire up a cable that goes from the CoCo's bit-banger serial port to the RS-232A port on an Epson(LX-810) printer and expect the printer to work?


Is a DriveWire cable w/ a gender changer a solution?

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I'm not sure if that works.  I always thought you had to use one of the printer adapters - you can see them in old issues of the magazines, they plugged into the bitbanger and had knobs to adjust the baud rate to the printer.


Obviously the Tandy printers just had the bitbanger port on both ends.


Then again, I just found this with a quick google search:



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I have a CoCo I and an RS DMP105 printer, and have communicated with the printer using a DIN4 cable and the printer's serial interface.  The required baud rate is 600 baud, the CoCO's limitation; the printer can accept 2400 baud.


Attached is a scan of the MP105's manual detailing the serial interface.  From this you can see that TX, RX and GND are all that are essential.




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