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sha1, sha256 or md5 for 8 bit atari?

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Hi all


anybody know of or has written a utility that can calculate the hash of files on the atari?




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If you’re planning to do serious crypto work with an A8, better be patient. (Or alternately, do it in Altirra in turbo mode). :)

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Speed-optimized MD5 hashing for MOS6502.


Just as the title says. I tried to strike a balance between code size and performance, which resulted in around 2KB of code and around 1750 bytes/s when hashing on a Commodore 64.


MD5.COM to be found on SDX Toolkit collection hashes 25040 bytes (the first file I grabbed as an example) in 6.94 sec (8.38 including loading from HDD), which gives about 3600 bytes/s. Sure, Atari is faster, but not twice as fast ;)



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